Monday, February 6, 2012

Radiation Report

It has been too long since we have posted anything.  During the month of December Anna underwent radiation as the final 'main' treatment.  It was a VERY hectic time.  Her radiation treatments required her to have 25 rounds of radiation. These were on a daily basis which meant Anna was driving to the Huntsman Monday through Friday.  I asked her, after about her third round, what it felt like.  She matter-of-factly said 'Like being cooked.'
Here is how radiation works...
They make a mold that one will rest in so that each time the person is in the same position.

Anna has tattoos, three of them.  They were used to align the machine each time she had a treatment.  They are just three little dots...but Ben is using this as justification to get a tattoo himself!!
The machine makes three passes which takes about 5-6 minutes.  It rotates on an axis so it can cover specific areas.

Anna's skin looked like she had a sunburn after about the 9th or 10th round, it eventually darkened even more and she even had a couple of open sores that were really painful.  We are undecided if she was tired and worn down from the radiation or from the holiday season.  Her daily treatments happened even on those days that there were family parties and activities and continued to bring an emotional strain that was tough to cope with.  Both of us were unprepared for the emotional strain of radiation.  I felt removed from this phase of her treatment as she would go by herself each day and I would either be at work or staying home with the kids.  Anna had a lot of time to think by herself in the waiting room and in her car and described feeling alone and scared fairly often.
It was a depressing time.
However, there were bright moments as well.  We had amazing help from our family and neighbors.  Daphne loved having one of Anna's visiting teachers come and play with her each time Anna had a treatment.  Anna's sister, Sarah, and her mom also helped a lot.  It was so nice to finish this phase of dealing with cancer.


  1. Hang in there Farmers! You can do this! You have been such an amazing example to EVERYONE! We're all here for you! Love you bunches!

  2. Anna, you are one amazing gal! I hope you are feeling lots better! Thinking of you!