Monday, February 20, 2012

Ryker turns 3--December 1st

As we all know time marches on.   As Anna started her radiation treatments Ryker turned 3 years old.  He is such a fun kid.  Some of the things about Ryker that not too many people know about him are: he has a really fun/silly sense of humor, he loves to work with his grandpa's and daddy outside, he loves his sister and looks out for her in his own way, he doesn't know how to handle direct attention(shy), he has a big bubble of personal space, if he doesn't want to talk to you he will look at you and shake his head while saying "NO", and like his mom he is very strong willed.  His main phrases depending on the context are: I do it, I go night night (even when he didn't), WHHHYYYY, I go wet (as in diaper wet but NOT just wet), what doing?, and when he doesn't want someone he will wave his arm at them and demand 'GO WAY, GO WAY' (it's really kinda cute).  Ryker is quiet and reserved in public; he can be in a situation and play by himself for a couple of hours without talking to or interacting with others.  Anna's boss was really excited when after 6 months of interactions Ryker finally said something to her.   
On the day of his birthday the big windstorm came through Bountiful.  It seems that each year thus far in his life he has had some kind of a storm that impacts the plans for his birthday.  We didn't have power so we had his birthday at his Grandma & Grandpa Mabey's house.  The morning of his birthday we opened presents as a family. Anna went to Radiation early so she was able to spend the day at home.

We try to do cakes that have some kind of significance from that year of their life.  This year during Anna's recovery from surgery Ryker pretty much lived at 'Grandma & Grandpa Mabey's Pumpkin patch'.  Thus the pumpkin patch cake.  

Ryker and Charlee "Best Buddies"
We sure love our "Buddy Boy!!"

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