Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pain in the arm...

Well it seems as if it's not one thing then it's another. The 4th round of chemo as described wasn't too bad, however Anna started to experience some pain in the top of her forearm. She really noticed it when she would pick up Ryker or bump into something. When Anna called the nurses they told her to come in and get an ultrasound of her vein. She has a blood clot. Totally scary; so we thought, apparently there are such things as 'superficial blood clots'. These are the kind of blood clots that aren't very nice, only care about how you look, and will talk behind your back...Just a little humor for ya. Actually, superficial means there is a very remote, sleight, limited, unlikely chance of the clot moving to places it shouldn't be. The doctor wasn't very concerned and told Anna to put heat on her arm and to take Aleeve to allow the clot to be absorbed more easily into the blood stream.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chemo Round 4

This was probably the most chaotic infusion we went through. July 5th was the day that we went in for the infusion. Daphne & Ryker were able to go with Ben's parents to Logan for that week to spend time with Grandpa & Grandma Farmer. As they were leaving Daphne seemed a little more irritable than usual and we suspected that she was coming down with something. Ben's mom called on the 5th to say that Daphne had a fever around 101 through the night of the 4th. We watched for that day and she continued to have a fever so Anna made arrangements for Daphne to see her pediatrician in Logan. The doctor didn't find any problems in her ears, nose or throat and said that means it's probably a virus so we just had to let it run its course. Not only was Daphne experiencing issues but Ben had a rough week at work. Each month Ben complies summaries of each of his clients that are due by the 10th of each month. With the 4th being on a Monday and then Anna's infusion on Tuesday and a commitment for Thursday Ben only had two full days of work in order to get the summaries done along with the other responsibilities he has. Because of the busy week Anna opted to spend the week at her mom's house in South Jordan. It was a rough week because we felt disjointed and 'spread apart' from each other. It was tough knowing that Daphne was sick (her fever lasted the whole week) and away from mom & dad, it was tough that Ben was scrambling to meet his work responsibilities, and it was tough that Anna was having a hard time emotionally with all that was going on. Due to the emotions her physical symptoms kicked up more and it was kind of a rough week. We were all able to be reunited on Friday which allowed the nerves to settle. The next week things went very well and Anna felt as good as she ever has since starting the Chemo process.

Farmer Family Pictures-4th of July weekend

The 4th was an exciting holiday as we were able to celebrate the blessing of our new little niece Sarah, have Luke (Ben's brother) home for a quick visit, and enjoy the festivities while Anna was feeling relatively well. The follow pictures were taken at a bbq on the 4th of July.

Proud Grandparents

The Farmer Grand kids

The Whole Fam-Damily

Matt-Charity-Joel-Sarah, Matt is on the right

The picture required bribes and threats...look how happy we are!

My favorite thing about his picture is Daphne's cheeser.

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July weekend in Logan!!!

Daphne and Ryker sporting their patriotic outfits.

Anna made Daphne's Skirt. Anna has been making Daphne a skirt for every holiday this year. Daphne would wear a skirt every day if we let her.

Ryker has found a new love

We went to the Fireworks in Logan with the Farmers.

The girl cousins

Grandma Farmer with the grand kids waiting for the fireworks to start.

The Farmer Family!!

Anna and Daphne
We went with our good friends the Carlsen's to the Car parade in Logan.
Daphne and Wyatt watching all the cars go down the street.

Ryker was loving all the treats that we brought.

Here is Charlie crawling all around.

To top off our fun night the kids ate awesome cupcakes.
Thanks Melanie!!
We had so much fun in Logan. It was the first time we had been back since Anna was diagnosed. We have really missed everyone.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Infusion Round 3

On June 21 first we went in for round 3. Probably the nicest thing about round 3 was how uneventful it was. We were a little nervous about the port and if it would work or not; having the port probably saved around an hour or more of getting an IV placed based on our past experiences.

Anna's blood levels have been very good and this was probably the 'easiest' round of chemo physically. Anna had a couple of days of the 'yucks' but otherwise rebounded quickly and was able to do some things she had been looking forward to.

PowerPort Procedure...say that three times fast!!!

After the debacle of trying to get an IV going during the second round it was decided to give Anna a port. This is a device that allows the medical team to easily and quickly get into Anna's blood stream. The way it works is a small disk, a little bigger than a quarter lies beneath her skin. The disk has a tube that is inserted into her jugular vein. The disk has an opening that allows a special needle to gain access to the blood supply.
Anna was really nervous for the procedure. On the morning of June 17th we went to the University of Utah and had the port placed beneath her skin. We were the first surgery of the day so we needed to be there by 6 am. Her IV was placed quickly and she was taken back for the procedure which lasted about 30 min. Everything went really well and the port has been a huge blessing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Genola Rodeo

Anna's brother Brad lives in Genola and invited us to the Big Rodeo. Here are all the kids getting ready for the candy run. They all line up and then run into the middle of the arena and gather as much candy as they can.

Daphne did an amazing job. We trained her well. She came back with all the chocolate candy bars. Our niece came back with all the taffy.

Ryker was just along for the ride. He was helping everyone else around him fill up their cowboy hats with candy.

All the cousins showing off what they got.

Our niece Mckaylee participated in the Mutton Busting and won 3rd place in her age group. Daphne and Ryker LOVED watching all the sheep.

Here is how Ryker was the whole Rodeo. This is what he enjoys.

The group
It was so nice to get out and do something on the weekend Anna doesn't have Chemo.

Daphne's first dance recital

After Moving to Bountiful Anna was looking around for a Preschool for Daphne come Fall. Anna went to observe Expressions Dance and Preschool and left with a teaching job offer. The beginning of March Anna, Daphne and Ryker started school. They let Ryker just come and hang out in the classroom while Anna taught. Included in the preschool was an hour of tumbling and an hour of ballet. Daphne was in HEAVEN!!!

Daphne just had her first dance recital and couldn't have enjoyed herself any more then she did. She was LOVING every minute of it.

Here she is getting ready to start.

Daphne Loves to dance and we were so impressed with how she stayed with the beat and knew all her steps. She even kept losing her tutu and would just pull it up and keep going like nothing happened.

The smile on her face was there most of the dance!!
She had so much fun. She can't stop talking about the Big Stage

Daphne with Grandma and Grandpa Farmer

Daphne with Grandma and Grandpa Mabey

Our Family
We really enjoyed being apart of expressions dance. We are excited to continue in the Fall.