Sunday, July 17, 2011

PowerPort Procedure...say that three times fast!!!

After the debacle of trying to get an IV going during the second round it was decided to give Anna a port. This is a device that allows the medical team to easily and quickly get into Anna's blood stream. The way it works is a small disk, a little bigger than a quarter lies beneath her skin. The disk has a tube that is inserted into her jugular vein. The disk has an opening that allows a special needle to gain access to the blood supply.
Anna was really nervous for the procedure. On the morning of June 17th we went to the University of Utah and had the port placed beneath her skin. We were the first surgery of the day so we needed to be there by 6 am. Her IV was placed quickly and she was taken back for the procedure which lasted about 30 min. Everything went really well and the port has been a huge blessing.

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