Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chemo Round 4

This was probably the most chaotic infusion we went through. July 5th was the day that we went in for the infusion. Daphne & Ryker were able to go with Ben's parents to Logan for that week to spend time with Grandpa & Grandma Farmer. As they were leaving Daphne seemed a little more irritable than usual and we suspected that she was coming down with something. Ben's mom called on the 5th to say that Daphne had a fever around 101 through the night of the 4th. We watched for that day and she continued to have a fever so Anna made arrangements for Daphne to see her pediatrician in Logan. The doctor didn't find any problems in her ears, nose or throat and said that means it's probably a virus so we just had to let it run its course. Not only was Daphne experiencing issues but Ben had a rough week at work. Each month Ben complies summaries of each of his clients that are due by the 10th of each month. With the 4th being on a Monday and then Anna's infusion on Tuesday and a commitment for Thursday Ben only had two full days of work in order to get the summaries done along with the other responsibilities he has. Because of the busy week Anna opted to spend the week at her mom's house in South Jordan. It was a rough week because we felt disjointed and 'spread apart' from each other. It was tough knowing that Daphne was sick (her fever lasted the whole week) and away from mom & dad, it was tough that Ben was scrambling to meet his work responsibilities, and it was tough that Anna was having a hard time emotionally with all that was going on. Due to the emotions her physical symptoms kicked up more and it was kind of a rough week. We were all able to be reunited on Friday which allowed the nerves to settle. The next week things went very well and Anna felt as good as she ever has since starting the Chemo process.


  1. Just thought you might want to see this! It is good no matter how many times you have seen it.


  2. The week of my Ty's skull surgery was like that: Pandemonium!! It was really hard and it was good to all be home together under one roof - OUR ROOF - when it was over. Hang in there! Everyone loves you and is behind you!!

  3. Anna,

    Keep it Up! I know you can do it!