Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life Marches On

This is a movie we made to show at the race for the cure luncheon.  It's a little lengthy...but in my opinion worth the watch.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where have we been....

For those of you who have continued to check back periodically on this blog I thank you and I apologize for going all Alma 60 vs 6 on you guys...(it's a good one, look it up).  I got to thinking this morning that it has been too long since I have composed a post.

My last post (The Water Bottle) was a bit down and somber but hey, that's how I was feeling at the time so that's what you got.  Today I am looking back on all the stuff that has happened since the said somber post.  Here we are in August and life Marches on....

We did the Susan G. Komen race in Salt Lake in May and that took A LOT of planning.  Anna and her sister Sarah worked very hard to organize a lunch and activities after the race as our way of saying thanks to family and friends who have supported us through this last year.

I think that may be part of the reason for slowing down...err, completely stopping the blog for this time.  I was tired; tired of thinking about cancer, tired of telling everyone the same thing "Anna is doing good, she's done with radiation and treatments and now she just has reconstructive surgery to go through"., and physically tired  I needed a break so I took one.

Anna had reconstructive surgery in June and has been getting stronger and stronger since then.  We were both nervous going into the surgery as her recover from her double mastectomy really SUCKED!!!  The surgery went really well.  She did amazing with the recovery and we had a nice week at home without the kids (we shipped them off to Logan to stay with my parents).

July was a VERY busy month as Jeff, Anna's brother, came home from his mission, Justin and his family came to visit from Texas, and July is just a busy month in general with all the summer holidays.  Needless to say after July we were tired but glad to have had a much different July than last year.  Anna  made multiple comments about how she was glad to be able to 'do the things I want to do' as the previous year she was too weak and sick from chemo.

It's interesting being on this side of cancer treatments.  In a lot of ways the last year seemed like a hazy confusing dream as we ask 'Did that really happen' or say 'Oh, wow you were SO sick' as we look back on pictures of Anna during chemo.  I will try to do better to keep this updated for those who continue to follow...happily right now there isn't a lot to report with cancer stuff.  Anna will continue to have her follow up appointments and growing her hair back out.

Around the middle of June

August 12th

Check back for more posts...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Water Bottle

It's weird how memories get triggered.  Tonight me and Anna were talking about this Day of Celebration we are planning and she was talking about things that she wants to include in the activity.  For whatever reason I had a very vivid remembrance of on of our first visits to the Huntsman Cancer Institute when we were in the early stages of diagnosis.

I was sitting in a chair with my back to the north, next to a small table with magazines on it.  Anna was sitting on the exam table in a gown trying to look strong with three doctors standing around her.  I'm sitting there looking at my wife and I'm holding this small little water bottle that they offered me in the lobby.  I remember that little thing so clearly!!  The weight of the remaining water, the feel of the pink paper around the bottle, and the sharp edges of the safety ring underneath the lid.  I remember feeling pretty calm despite what the next year would bring.  Most of all I remember looking at Anna, her sitting on that table and thinking 'Oh man...'  Despite being calm, I was scared.

There is a song I really like right now that describes a couple's journey through life and some of the various experiences they have had.  One of my favorite verses is as follows:
"You think that I nearly lost you, when the doctors tried to take you away"

And the main message of the song to me:
"You swore you'd be here till we decided that it's our time.
But it's not time! You never quit in all your life.
So just take my hand and know that I will never leave your side
You're the love of my life and know that I will never leave your side"

It's weird how memories get triggered.  

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's time to let us thank you!!!

During this last year we have been the recipients of so much care and concern.  We feel like it is our turn to show our appreciation.  We have an event coming up in May that we would like those who are interested and available to attend.  Here is the information:

 Day of Celebration
MAY 12, 2012
Come join us for 
a day of activities

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
**If you are interested in participating in the race you need to go to Register under the team name A DOOR MARKED CANCER. The race starts around 8a.m.  We would love anyone who would like to participate to come join us. If you have questions contact Anna or Sarah (Info below.)

**We will be making t-shirts Adult and children sizes for the race and for anyone interested in purchasing one. The cost will be around $10 per shirt. The shirts will be black with a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon on them.  The design is forthcoming but they are sure to be awesome!!  If you are interested PLEASE LET US KNOW WE WILL BE ORDERING IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS!!  We will need sizes and quantity.

**12 o’clock noon, we will have a party! It will be in South Jordan @ the church by the Jordan River Temple, on 1300 West. We will provide both the main dish and dessert. If you are interested in bringing a side let us know. This lunch is one of the small ways we would like to thank you for your support and help during this last year.  Please RSVP to help us plan accordingly regarding the food and activities.

Contact info
**Anna 801-641-2600
**Sarah 801-440-9221  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 We have been trying to get on a cruise for many years now but with life and all the things that happen we have not. Well I decided that Me and Ben needed a vacation to celebrate many things so I booked us a cruise and we had the best time ever!!!
 We celebrated that I was done with cancer treatments
We celebrated that after many years of hard work Ben is now a licensed MFT
We celebrated our 7 years together with Many more to come
 The weather was really cold but I really wanted to go snorkeling. I almost gave in when I was shivering when we met up with our group. After some convincing we went and it was really alot of fun.
 We had a very eventful last year. It was so nice to go and relax and do something that had nothing to do with CANCER. We didn't even have to talk about it or make any decisions regarding my health. Are only decisions we had to make was what we wanted to do when we got off the boat. This was much needed for both me and ben.

 I am still not as strong as I wish I was. This vacation wore me out.

 We met a great couple The Rodgers that we spent the day with and hung out with at night. They saved us by taking our suitcases home so when we spent the day in Long Beach we didn't have to roll them along with us.  Thank You!!!
I am so grateful for this chance to spend time with Ben. I have put him through a lot this last year and he has been by my side every step of the way and still is. I am so blessed that we are in this together. I love him very much and could not have done it without him. 

I packed the wig away!!

Packing the wig away was a lot harder then I thought it would be. I guess I felt that I could hide from things because no one could see what I saw and I found comfort in that. My hair was really growing and I knew it was time to start doing my hair again. You could see my real hair under the wig. I do have to say it was so nice not having to buy any hair products for 8 months. The day I packed it away we were able to go to dinner to celebrate Grandma Farmer's birthday.  Now I am on a new phase once again trying to get use to really short hair. Just when I get use to one thing it is time to change. I am ready for change to slow down a little bit. My little preschoolers had so many things to say about my hair. I am sure it was so confusing to them. They still after a couple of weeks tell me they want my other hair(wig) back because they like it better. Gotta love kids!! I am getting more use to is every day and yes it is coming back CURLY!!! Who knows maybe I will end up having short hair from now on?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ryker turns 3--December 1st

As we all know time marches on.   As Anna started her radiation treatments Ryker turned 3 years old.  He is such a fun kid.  Some of the things about Ryker that not too many people know about him are: he has a really fun/silly sense of humor, he loves to work with his grandpa's and daddy outside, he loves his sister and looks out for her in his own way, he doesn't know how to handle direct attention(shy), he has a big bubble of personal space, if he doesn't want to talk to you he will look at you and shake his head while saying "NO", and like his mom he is very strong willed.  His main phrases depending on the context are: I do it, I go night night (even when he didn't), WHHHYYYY, I go wet (as in diaper wet but NOT just wet), what doing?, and when he doesn't want someone he will wave his arm at them and demand 'GO WAY, GO WAY' (it's really kinda cute).  Ryker is quiet and reserved in public; he can be in a situation and play by himself for a couple of hours without talking to or interacting with others.  Anna's boss was really excited when after 6 months of interactions Ryker finally said something to her.   
On the day of his birthday the big windstorm came through Bountiful.  It seems that each year thus far in his life he has had some kind of a storm that impacts the plans for his birthday.  We didn't have power so we had his birthday at his Grandma & Grandpa Mabey's house.  The morning of his birthday we opened presents as a family. Anna went to Radiation early so she was able to spend the day at home.

We try to do cakes that have some kind of significance from that year of their life.  This year during Anna's recovery from surgery Ryker pretty much lived at 'Grandma & Grandpa Mabey's Pumpkin patch'.  Thus the pumpkin patch cake.  

Ryker and Charlee "Best Buddies"
We sure love our "Buddy Boy!!"

Daphne-- Rockin around the Christmas Tree

Daphne had a couple of Dance recitals in December. It was so fun to participate with the preschool class. They sang before they danced. Here is Daphne and Olivia at the Festival of Trees.
Singing Christmas Carols. 
Daphne Just loves to dance. It was nice to have some great distractions during Radiation. I have loved teaching preschool this last year. I count it as one of my biggest blessing during Cancer treatments. It has been hard but very rewarding. 

Before Chemo Pictures

 When we found out that Chemo would be the first treatment we really wanted pictures to document our start of this adventure. I girl in our ward made the time in her busy schedule and we took these awesome pictures a couple of days before the first round of Chemo.

These pictures will always be a reminder of where we were and what we were doing when our family changed forever with the diagnosis of  Breast Cancer. We have a wall in our home that is dedicated to these pictures and it is known as our Cancer Wall.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Radiation Countdown

Instead of a Countdown to Christmas this year we had a RADIATION COUNTDOWN!!!
The night before radiation started we put together this chain. 

At the start of Radiation it seemed liked it would be forever till we were finished. We were so ready to get this next treatment over and on to picking up the pieces of the last year.

Daphne looks her very best!! 
She is really into getting dressed by herself. We love it.
Ryker is holding the last link to our chain. Today was the Last day of Radiation!!!
To celebrate we had our family over for a pizza party. Expressing our appreciation for all their help through this adventure.
The kids table. 
What an accomplishment we all went through. 
Anna wanted a picture with everyone there. We are so Blessed with an amazing family. 
Mabey Family--
Brad(Brother), Charlee, Anna, Natalie, Braxton
Our Texas Mabey Family!!
Having Everyone here made this night so memorable.
J.D, Justin(Brother), Anna, Betsy, Laura, Matthew, Megan 
Another Mabey Family--
Mark(Brother), Jennifer, Anna,
Stella, Madison, Mckaylee, Jacob
The Farmer Clan
Luke, Bonnie, Anna, Kip, Tim
More Farmers!!
Charity, Joel, Anna, Matt, Sarah
Mom and Dad!!
My Best friend in the World, My sister Sarah.
Our only immediate family member unable to attend is Anna's brother Jeff.
He is serving a mission in Mexico. We are so proud of him!!