Monday, April 2, 2012

The Water Bottle

It's weird how memories get triggered.  Tonight me and Anna were talking about this Day of Celebration we are planning and she was talking about things that she wants to include in the activity.  For whatever reason I had a very vivid remembrance of on of our first visits to the Huntsman Cancer Institute when we were in the early stages of diagnosis.

I was sitting in a chair with my back to the north, next to a small table with magazines on it.  Anna was sitting on the exam table in a gown trying to look strong with three doctors standing around her.  I'm sitting there looking at my wife and I'm holding this small little water bottle that they offered me in the lobby.  I remember that little thing so clearly!!  The weight of the remaining water, the feel of the pink paper around the bottle, and the sharp edges of the safety ring underneath the lid.  I remember feeling pretty calm despite what the next year would bring.  Most of all I remember looking at Anna, her sitting on that table and thinking 'Oh man...'  Despite being calm, I was scared.

There is a song I really like right now that describes a couple's journey through life and some of the various experiences they have had.  One of my favorite verses is as follows:
"You think that I nearly lost you, when the doctors tried to take you away"

And the main message of the song to me:
"You swore you'd be here till we decided that it's our time.
But it's not time! You never quit in all your life.
So just take my hand and know that I will never leave your side
You're the love of my life and know that I will never leave your side"

It's weird how memories get triggered.  

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