Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where have we been....

For those of you who have continued to check back periodically on this blog I thank you and I apologize for going all Alma 60 vs 6 on you guys...(it's a good one, look it up).  I got to thinking this morning that it has been too long since I have composed a post.

My last post (The Water Bottle) was a bit down and somber but hey, that's how I was feeling at the time so that's what you got.  Today I am looking back on all the stuff that has happened since the said somber post.  Here we are in August and life Marches on....

We did the Susan G. Komen race in Salt Lake in May and that took A LOT of planning.  Anna and her sister Sarah worked very hard to organize a lunch and activities after the race as our way of saying thanks to family and friends who have supported us through this last year.

I think that may be part of the reason for slowing down...err, completely stopping the blog for this time.  I was tired; tired of thinking about cancer, tired of telling everyone the same thing "Anna is doing good, she's done with radiation and treatments and now she just has reconstructive surgery to go through"., and physically tired  I needed a break so I took one.

Anna had reconstructive surgery in June and has been getting stronger and stronger since then.  We were both nervous going into the surgery as her recover from her double mastectomy really SUCKED!!!  The surgery went really well.  She did amazing with the recovery and we had a nice week at home without the kids (we shipped them off to Logan to stay with my parents).

July was a VERY busy month as Jeff, Anna's brother, came home from his mission, Justin and his family came to visit from Texas, and July is just a busy month in general with all the summer holidays.  Needless to say after July we were tired but glad to have had a much different July than last year.  Anna  made multiple comments about how she was glad to be able to 'do the things I want to do' as the previous year she was too weak and sick from chemo.

It's interesting being on this side of cancer treatments.  In a lot of ways the last year seemed like a hazy confusing dream as we ask 'Did that really happen' or say 'Oh, wow you were SO sick' as we look back on pictures of Anna during chemo.  I will try to do better to keep this updated for those who continue to follow...happily right now there isn't a lot to report with cancer stuff.  Anna will continue to have her follow up appointments and growing her hair back out.

Around the middle of June

August 12th

Check back for more posts...