Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Radiation Countdown

Instead of a Countdown to Christmas this year we had a RADIATION COUNTDOWN!!!
The night before radiation started we put together this chain. 

At the start of Radiation it seemed liked it would be forever till we were finished. We were so ready to get this next treatment over and on to picking up the pieces of the last year.

Daphne looks her very best!! 
She is really into getting dressed by herself. We love it.
Ryker is holding the last link to our chain. Today was the Last day of Radiation!!!
To celebrate we had our family over for a pizza party. Expressing our appreciation for all their help through this adventure.
The kids table. 
What an accomplishment we all went through. 
Anna wanted a picture with everyone there. We are so Blessed with an amazing family. 
Mabey Family--
Brad(Brother), Charlee, Anna, Natalie, Braxton
Our Texas Mabey Family!!
Having Everyone here made this night so memorable.
J.D, Justin(Brother), Anna, Betsy, Laura, Matthew, Megan 
Another Mabey Family--
Mark(Brother), Jennifer, Anna,
Stella, Madison, Mckaylee, Jacob
The Farmer Clan
Luke, Bonnie, Anna, Kip, Tim
More Farmers!!
Charity, Joel, Anna, Matt, Sarah
Mom and Dad!!
My Best friend in the World, My sister Sarah.
Our only immediate family member unable to attend is Anna's brother Jeff.
He is serving a mission in Mexico. We are so proud of him!!


  1. What a neat thing to bring the family together to celebrate such an exciting time!!! I'm so happy for you to have this chapter of your life come to a close, Anna. You have been amazing through all of this!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! I love the chain idea. I might have to do that.