Saturday, June 11, 2011

Infusion Round 2

On June 8th Anna went in for round two of her chemo treatments. There was a doctors appointment before the infusion in which they did some blood work to see how her body was reacting to the chemo. All of her levels were good. Once again they struggled with placing the IV and she was poked 4 times!! After this experience it was decided that a port would be placed in Anna. A port is a catheter that rests under Anna's skin so that each time they do any kind of blood sampling or chemo administration they will access it through that area. This will require that she have a basic out patient procedure on the 14th. In the doctor consultation he adjusted her medications (they reduced her steroids) and this time things are going much better. She is staying active and feeling a lot more hopeful about things this time around.

This time around Janet, Anna's mom, was able to stay with Anna during the infusion. Anna feels very blessed that so many of her family have been there to support her during all of this; especially her mom.


  1. How can we help but love you to pieces, Anna???

  2. Hope the infusions go well and I wish you all the best

  3. You are continually in our prayers and thoughts. Love the new do! It is fun to see you with straight hair.