Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the Winner is....


Anna unveiled her decision at a birthday party for her Grandpa Holt.
Nikki, Anna, Melissa

First Family Picture with "The Wig" as Daphne calls it.

Sisters (Anna's private on-call nurse)

Ben thinks it looks pretty good, and for your information all the wig names were made up by him and are not manufacturers names for those particular wigs. (He is very proud of calling the one "Light Bulb" and the other "Not a Chance").

Anna still has her hair but it's looking like the 'Shaving Party' will be held shortly. (Her scalp is really tender and she is getting more and more loose strands as the days go by). Infusion round two here we come!!


  1. You look beautiful as always! Good-luck with your next round of treatment ... you're in our prayers. Cindy

  2. So cute! I think it's really adorable. Blonde...who knew? Love it. Jes