Sunday, November 20, 2011

A little relief

As you may remember during Anna's surgery the muscles in her back became very tight and uncomfortable.  After talking with the doctors they suggested Anna visit a physical therapist to help loosen her muscles up.  The other important aspect of meeting with the physical therapist was to understand how she needs to deal with possible lymphedema.  Anna had about five visits with the physical therapist in which she was given a massage and her muscles were 'shocked' to help with the tension in her back.  The therapist also put on something called Kinesio tape.  The idea behind the tape is to trick her mind into allowing her muscles to relax by the feedback the tape is sending through her skin.  Anna was skeptical at first and took the tape off after a couple of days after which she noticed a big difference.  Her next session she kept the tape on almost the entire week.  Meeting with the physical therapist was a good experience.

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