Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chemo Round 5

July 19th we went in for round 5 of Chemo. The protocol at this point for Anna's type of cancer is to change from the Doxorubicin or Adriamycin or hydroxydaunorubicin or AC (I swear they have 5 names for everything) chemotherapy to one called Taxol. This kind of chemo doesn't cause as nausea as much but it can cause nerve damage. We were really excited about making it to the half-way point of chemo!

The side effects were....different. We don't really know if they are better or worse at this point because Anna's legs ache often and her feet will tingle and itch at various times throughout the day. The day after chemo Anna had a slight rash on her face and neck.


  1. Keep it up Anna you are half-way there. You are in our thoughts and we are praying for you.

    Branden, Laura, Ashley and Sherman

  2. Anna,
    You're sooooo Brave! You and your family are still in our Prayers. We think alot of you, Ben and the kids! Much Love, Cindy & Kirk

  3. We're still thinking of you. It's so exciting that you've made it through half of chemo!

  4. Ben & Anna -- I'm just getting caught up on your blog but think of and pray for you often. Julie Allgood had similar symptoms (leg aches, tingling in her feet, etc.) from her chemo. Check with Scot or Julie if you haven't already about how you might handle some of this. Much love,Rana